Be a part of the exciting new sport of Barn Hunt!

Barn hunt is an exciting new dog sport recognized by AKC and UKC where dogs use their critter hunting instincts to search through a course of straw bales and signal their owner when a rat is found.  Rats are enclosed in a secure tube and are not harmed in any way.


Get Active K-9 LLC gives training sessions on an ongoing basis at Zodiac Ranch in Milford MI  and puts on Fun Matches and Barn Hunt Trials.  This is our Trial Entry site.  Choose your event, and place your entry.   Or Sign up for Training sessions below.


We had a great 2016 trial series.  We will soon be posting our events for 2017.  See below for events scheduled, and trials available to enter.  Most trials will be available for entries 3 months before the event.  When the trial is available for entry, you will see menu tabs at the top and side of this page for each event to download Premiums and enter classes.  Each trial has different prices, closing dates and information so make sure you read through each Premium before entering.  Make sure your dog has its Barn Hunt number before entering trials.  You may enter here online with your credit card or Paypal, or send in a paper entry with a check by printing out, and filling in the entry form in the Premium list. 


The following are the events that were put on through Get Active k9 for 2016. New dates will be posted soon

April 1, 2016   Workshops at Northfield Dog Training Center, Ann Arbor, MI  Completed

April 2-3, 2016  Northfield Dog Training Center, Ann Arbor MI  2 rings, 2 judges  Joyce Shively, Brenda Katz Completed, Congrats to the winners

May 7-8, 2016 Zodiac Ranch, Milford MI  2 rings, 2 judges, Kristina Phillips, Cindy Angiulo  Completed

May 27-29, 2016  Kalamazoo,  MI with AKC Show - Ellen Hizer, Leaps & Bounds - Completed

May 28-29, 2016- Dog Bowl in Frankenmuth, not a trial, mini-workshops offered sign up that day for a half hour session 

June 17-19, 2016- UKC Premier, Kalamazoo, MI - 3 days, 3 judges Completed

August 5-7, 2016   - Marshall MI, with AKC Show - 3 days, 2 rings, 2 judges, Susan Chapman, Brenda Katz  Completed

August 20-21l, 2016- Davisburg MI with AKC Show  - 2 days, 2 rings, 2 judges., Brenda Lund, Lee Warden Completed

September 10 & 11, 2016  Zodiac Ranch, Milford MI  - 2 days, 1 ring, 1 judge Completed

 October  8 & 9- Zodiac Ranch, Milford MI  - 2 days, 2 rings, 2 judges  Completed


In the meantime, you can schedule some training sessions at Zodiac Ranch.  Start with an Intro Class where your dog can meet a rat in an open cage.  Then progress to finding rats in tubes hidden among the straw bales.   Classes are in our unheated barn, so dress for the weather.

Sorry I can't keep up with posting training dates.  People with their dogs come out to practice through the week, just email me and let me know you would like to come out so I can schedule a time.

Linda Lundstrom, or call 248-202-0178


  We can Bring Barn Hunt to your Event. 

If your club is interested in putting on a Barn Hunt event, I can help you in various ways by providing rats, or other equipment on a rental basis.  Email me at

If you are a Dog Trainer or club that would be interested in offering classes or trials in other dog sports in our fenced outside areas contact me.


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    If you have any problems, pleae contact us at  or call 248-202-0178